Tour Locations

The skies in and around Joshua Tree National Park are some of the best in Southern California, but even so, some quick planning will go a long way to making your tour the best it can be!  The map below is an excellent representation of the local light conditions found around the Park.  In a nutshell, it is always best not to do tours in a green, yellow, or red zone unless it is a Moon Tour.  If you have the address or campsite location where you will be staying it is a good idea to call before booking if you want to do the tour at your location.  The map should only be used as a general guide, and for those of you that are informationphiles click on the FAQ link below.


Almost 60% of Coyote's clients opt to view at a location in the vicinity of the red circle on the right side of the map.  A little drive ensures having the darkest skies in the area, and there is even cell phone reception out there!  However, ambiance and convenience can't be overestimated so if your place is located in a blue shaded area, there is a good chance of having some excellent views.


While it would be wonderful to conduct tours at every location light pollution dictates that we restrict our service to certain areas.  Coyote Telescope routinely does tours in the Pioneertown and Landers area out west, the National Park campground areas (excluding Cottonwood), and areas east of Twentynine Palms along with the blue shaded areas in between.


If you haven't figured out your lodging plans yet that isn't a problem.  Just go ahead and book, and Coyote Telescope will work with you!

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source: - 2010 DMSP data applied