Telescope Tours

People love Coyote Telescope Tours because Coyote takes the hassle out of star gazing!  As a mobile service I will come to your campsite or even your dark site vacation rental home, and if you want the absolute best simply follow me out to a remote and even more star-studded viewing location where the heavens will seem to jump out at you!


Coyote Telescope offers two different types of tours based on the lunar cycle so we have to go with the astronomical flow as to what can be viewed.  The tours offered are Star Tours and Moon Tours.


For the Star Tour, we use the telescope to discuss how stars are born and how they eventually pass on, and in the process birth more stars through nebulae!  This story meanders through the formation of galaxies and planets and in the end how stars made you!


Moon tours, on the other hand, concentrate on that big bright orb in the sky!  Specifically, how did it get there, and why is it so important?  Of course talking about the Moon leads to a discussion of geology, and how the moon is key to manned exploration of deep space!


No matter where we view from, or what tour you take, Coyote Telescope exclusively uses Celestron telescopes for its visual tours because in my opinion there just isn't anything that comes close to them in quality or clarity.  It's just another example of trying to make your tour one of the best experiences you will have while visiting Joshua Tree!


For most folks, there are plenty of questions that you want to have resolved before booking, and the answers to the most often-asked questions are in the FAQ link below.  For the fly-by-the-seat types, like myself, all you have to do is pick a viewing date, and I will contact you the day before the tour to hammer out the details.  It is that easy.

FAQ: Click Here

Comfort Index: Expect the average lows at night to range between 62°F and 52°F (17°C ~ 11°C) between now and November 1st.

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