I started Coyote Telescope Tours because I love showing people all the cool stuff hidden in the skies above them.  For me, it never gets old because I am fortunate enough to meet awesome people from all walks of life constantly!  While I might have seen an object countless times, the joy reignites every time I hear someone gasp, or even let out an expletive, at the view!  You guys are what makes Coyote Telescope such a fantastic experience for me, and I feel grateful for every review.

"Most incredible experience in recent memory!"


When I booked, I assumed Darryl would come out to where we're staying with a telescope, the kids would be cold and bored, and my husband and I would be swapping stargazing and corralling the kids.  Instead, he suggested driving a good distance away where it's darker and we went for it- best decision we could have made!  The kids were ENTHRALLED.  Darryl is engaging, kind, enthusiastic, and a font of information about astronomy and the various stars, galaxies, nebulae, and planets we saw.  This is one family activity that all of us thoroughly enjoyed, and we'll be reliving this memory for years to come.


Phoebe W

Alameda, CA


“Wonderful sky, brilliantly explained and demonstrated with the telescope.”


Darryl and we met at our inn in Twentynine Palms and drove some miles to a spot with excellent observation conditions. He provided us with chairs and prepared the telescope. Then we had a really good time watching the wonderful sky (milky way looking almost three dimensional), seeing fascinating objects with the telescope (saturn, a globular cluster, several galaxies, etc.) and learning interesting facts about the planets and stars. We appreciated Darryl's competence, friendliness, flexibility (he had offered in advance to adjust time and location of the observation to our preferences) and reliability.

We can really recommend a nightly observation with Darryl for everyone.


R Hoemke

Berlin, Germany