On November 24th, the decision was made to stop accepting new reservations for telescope tours because life is rapidly taking me in a new and exciting direction.


However, all paid-for reservations will be performed as scheduled unless clouds or weather interferes.


Also, my love for astronomy has not diminished, and I am not relinquishing the Coyote Telescope website, moniker, or logo, but private telescope tours will no longer be the primary focus.


Once the "transition dust" settles down the plan for Coyote Telescope is to begin posting short video astronomy tours online. Let's face it I love it, and I cannot abandon it entirely.  I hope to start posting these videos within the next six months.


Finally, I would like to thank the 559 clients from around the world that have either rented a telescope or took a telescope tour over the last four years.  I feel honored and grateful that you booked with me.  It was something that gave a lot of happiness as each new group kept astronomy fresh and alive.


I have closed the toll-free number, but if you have questions, please feel free to email me at: