A Little About Coyote...

Coyote Telescope was started back in 2014 by Leigh-Ann Sullivan and Darryl Hammonds shortly after Darryl's retirement.  Initially focused on telescope and Glamper rentals to campers at Joshua Tree National Park the rental aspect of the business soon gave way to telescope tours after Leigh-Ann relocated to Florida.  Although Leigh-Ann is not physically here the heart and soul that she poured into this little business continues to shine.


It's All About You!

Coyote Telescope is more of a passion than a job.  Going out under the stars never gets old, and that is because Coyote Telescope has the best clients in the world!  From all over the world, young and old, veteran stargazers to folks that have never seen the Milky Way before YOU are our number one focus.  Our commitment to you doesn't stop when the tour is over either.  Coyote Telescope gets calls all the time from former clients asking about how to get into the hobby, and what equipment they should buy.  The answer is never about throwing money at a new scope, but which telescope they would enjoy using.  Heck, I even helped a client change a flat tire before!

While gazing through the telescope is part of the tour the real goal is to excite you about our universe and our place within it!

There is never a wrong time of the year to observe the heavens.  Each season brings its awesomeness!


For our visual telescope tours we exclusively use the fantastic Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100 HD featuring Celestron's Edge HD optics; the preferred telescope of famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking!  You will be amazed at what you can see!

Leigh-Ann explaining how to use a planisphere back when we rented telescopes from downtown Joshua Tree in 2014.